Health Systems Management's Patient Advocacy program can help you in many different ways. Always remember that use of this resource is totally voluntary and confidential. You can choose to use the resource at any time. The following provides just a few examples when you might want to use this resource.
  • When you or someone in your family is diagnosed with a serious medical condition, such as cancer, heart problems, or have a serious injury.
  • When you are concerned about whether your diagnosis is accurate and complete.
  • When you and your doctor are considering or evaluating different treatments for your medical condition or injury.
  • When you want information about the experience of various physicians and hospitals in treating your condition.
  • When you are choosing a doctor or hospital for any type of care and you want objective and relevant information about the doctor and hospital for your condition.
Health Systems Management's Patient Advocacy Program is designed to help patients and their families receive the information they need to make informed health care decisions. Informed health care "consumers," who have been prepared with objective, understandable and independent information, can more easily form true partnerships with their doctors and the other providers on their health care teams.

Health Systems Management's Patient Advocates provide useful and meaningful information to patients about their medical conditions, diagnostic and treatment options. We can also provide information about doctor and hospital (provider) experience. The old adage that "practice makes perfect" is relevant to medical practice just as it applies to other professions and life tasks.

Most importantly, Health Systems Management provides patients and their families with the tools to use information to make decisions that are uniquely "right" for them. We encourage patients to ask questions of their doctors and we supply the information and support they need to make the best decisions for themselves in times of crisis.

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What is Patient Advocacy?

If you suspect you are having a heart attack or some other acute life threatening medical problem, you should call 911 immediately!!!

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